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New research reveals importance of frequent maintenance checks for air leaks

Compressed air systems are beneficial in a variety of areas. Air leaks can cost a business dearly each year due to unnecessary energy loss, even though it is an unavoidable business expense. Since compressed air is one of the most expensive – and most needed – services in many industries, even a minor leak can […]

Air piping services

Greenville welcomes Preferred Home Services

[ad_1] Greenville has gotten a bit greener recently with a newcomer Preferred home services! But, this cheerful fleet of green and blue trucks with their big thumbs-up is anything but new! They are the top rated home service company serving the Lowcountry for the past 7 years, which has expanded into the upstate offering plumbing […]

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Approach to compressed air systems according to best practices

The hardest part of starting the journey to efficient and cleaner production (RECP) is taking that first step. The National Cleaner Production Center of South Africa (NCPC-SA) has made the journey to achieve significant resource savings with little investment and sustain them by creating the tools for industrial efficiency. These tools promote the continued application […]

Air piping services

Ghaziabad man’s intestines burst after friends ‘jokingly’ pushed an air compressor into his rectum

Doctors said part of the victim’s small intestine and rectum burst after his friends “jokingly” inserted an air compressor hose into his back and then released the pressure. Image used for representation purposes only A 28-year-old man in Ghaziabad suffered severe intestinal damage after his two friends allegedly inserted an air compressor into his private […]