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London, Ont. Plumbing company encourages households to winterize their pipes

London, ON – As the year draws to a close, the temperature continues to drop. A lot of people love this time of year, watching the snowfall and going sledging, but as everyone knows, there are challenges that come with cold weather. One of these challenges is the threat of frozen pipes; However, there are […]

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Saudi company wins $ 14 million contract to supply steel pipe to Uruguay

Saudi Arabia’s $ 100 billion plan to become the largest shale gas producer outside the United States LONDON: Saudi Aramco’s award of $ 10 billion in contracts on its giant Jafurah project has finally kicked off to develop what is believed to be the world’s largest shale gas field outside the United States.After battling with […]

Aluminum air pipes

HOA Homefront – Who Fixes Roofs and Pipes?

Q: The roofs of our condos will have to be replaced soon and the reserves are insufficient. The council had a membership vote on two choices: increase monthly dues for a few years or make homeowners responsible for their own roofs. Most owners voted for the “owner’s liability” option. The council is obviously in favor […]

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The low mileage 2016 Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro has SC-Project pipes and LED turn signals

The two-wheeled Spartan we’re about to admire is a 2016 Flat Track Pro variant of Ducati’s beloved Scrambler lineup, sporty aftermarket clips, a lithium-ion battery and a vibrant orange paint coat from Lamborghini’s palette. In addition, you will also discover an assortment of Bologna-specific Scrambler accessories, such as round mirrors and LED indicators, among others. […]

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Pipes and gutters raised for a while while renovating a greenhouse

Anyone who currently walks into the greenhouses of pepper grower Sweetpoint in Middenmeer, the Netherlands, will see the entire heating system and growing gutters hanging in the air. Now it’s not unheard of, but the fact that the grow gutters have also been temporarily raised is quite special. The producer chose to replace the gutters […]

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APAC region, Europe and America will act as the revenue generator for the compressed air piping market over the period 2021-2026

The Compressed Air Piping Marketing report unearths market conditions, trends, preferences, key players, opportunities, geographic analysis, and many other common parameters that lead business in the right direction. Exhaustive and comprehensive market research conducted in this report offers the up-to-date and upcoming opportunities to be aware of future investments in the market. The information available […]

Aluminum air pipes

Biology protects corrodable irrigation pipes

Oxidation in aluminum irrigation pipes is a secret enemy. If you don’t see corrosion, it might not be that bad. Until it leaks or loses its structural integrity, then breaks. But maybe the invisible enemy can be just as bad, according to Scott Bryan, director of technical sales for Cortec Corp. in Minnesota. Cortec specializes […]

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Temporary boilers: how long is temporary?

What makes a temporary boiler “temporary”? How long are you legally allowed to use temporary boilers? Alex Hill of Ideal Boilers asks the questions. What makes a temporary boiler “temporary”? How long are you legally allowed to use temporary boilers? The first answer is that temporary boilers are legally allowed to be in situ for […]

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How to fill the holes around the pipes under your kitchen sink

Photo: Gorgev (Shutterstock) Home repair or improvement projects rarely involve tackling a single problem and then getting it right. Instead, one often leads to another, either because during the process of repairing or installing something you discover additional things that need to be fixed, or because the process required to perform the original repair ended […]

Aluminum air pipes

Bagpipes play: Bagpipes return to Ogilvy after four-year hiatus

MONTREAL – A Montreal tradition is back. In 2017, the bagpipe sounds outside the Ogilvy Department Store were silenced when it was purchased by Holt Renfrew. Many were sad to see the traditional 72-year-old suddenly come to an end – but now the pipes are back with an update. Since World War II, Ogilvy has […]