Air pipes

Air Selangor agrees to bury the pipes

AIR Selangor has agreed to bury pipes at a pipe-laying project in Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur, after residents raised safety concerns.

The Water Pressure Reducing Valve (WPRV) pipes were originally intended to be above ground.

Project contractor Hikmat Duta Sdn Bhd said the water supply operator had given approval for the valves to be driven underground.

The WPRVs are currently installed in a park next to Jalan Awan Jingga.

Valves, also called pressure regulators, are used against the effects of high water pressure.

“We were told to divert the big pipes underground and a bit further away from the green area,” said Chan Soon Ling, Hikmat Duta project manager.

“Pipes (discharge valves) are needed to release water pressure.

“Without it, pipes around houses in the area can burst due to high water pressure,” he said.

Chan said he met with residents to discuss the issue and after listening to their feedback, he agreed to install the pipes underground.

“As well as agreeing to squeeze the pipes, we’ve also promised to replant trees and return the park to its original state by June 15,” he said.

Taman Yarl Rukun Tetangga Chairman K. Balaindran said residents were relieved to hear the pipes would be underground.

“We’re fine with the pipes being underground, as long as they don’t protrude,” he said.

“We want the pipes to be moved at least three meters away from the road allowance,” Taman Yarl Residents’ Association (Environment Section) chairman Alex Rajahkumar said.

Residents cited safety concerns when they first learned that the pipes were being installed in the park and above ground.

They claimed the pipes would impede the movement of fire trucks and ambulances in an emergency if the pipes got in the way.

Twenty residents gathered on Wednesday at the project site to oppose the pipeline project.

Contractors working there told residents to leave as they were encroaching on the project site.