Air piping services

Air system enclosures designed for harsh environments

Photo credit: Kaeser Compressors Inc.

Kaeser Air System Enclosures (KASE) from Kaeser Compressers Inc. are complete compressed air systems delivered ready to run in a secure, weatherproof enclosure. Each is said to be designed for exceptional reliability, simple maintenance and superior energy efficiency. They eliminate space, weather and accessibility constraints and reduce construction and installation time. KASE is said to be a financially viable alternative to new construction or building renovations, and provides a better operating environment than most compressor rooms.

Installing KASE eliminates the need to expand or build a new compressor room, which is costly and time consuming. Users can scale up quickly to meet production expansion or avoid downtime if they are retrofitting, and a KASE generally requires little or no permit. In addition, they can be moved as needed.

Starting from the base plate, every KASE has been designed with service needs in mind, ensuring service access for regular maintenance and repairs. For safety reasons, the interiors are well lit and each machine has a dedicated electrical disconnect.

Each KASE is designed to provide a clean, temperature controlled operating environment for the air system. This reduces maintenance costs and increases equipment life and performance while eliminating a source of heat and noise from the workshop.

The enclosure features a full-featured design, rated for 110 mph, 50 lb/sq wind loads. snow load in feet, fully insulated with sound deadening panels, two entry doors (minimum) and removable access panels for heavy work.

It also has an external power disconnect switch, main power distribution panel, step down transformer, low voltage panel panel, EMT conduit, individual isolation devices according to equipment and wiring requirements per NEC.

The ventilation consists of thermostatically controlled intake and recirculation dampers, galvanized and insulated ductwork, digital temperature controllers and exhaust gravity dampers, and there is also vibration isolation on the points assembly of the discharge piping and the compressor. Operating conditions range from -4°F to +100°F and relative humidity

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