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Austin plumbers are busy with calls for frozen pipes after the freeze

One company said calls nearly doubled on Friday.

AUSTIN, Texas – After Thursday’s winter storm, plumbers are in high demand in the Austin area. Freezing and bursting pipes are the number one reason they get calls.

An Austin company said calls nearly doubled on Friday.

“There are lots and lots of broken copper pipes that are exposed on the exterior walls,” said Dallas Reed, field supervisor at Reliant Plumbing. “A lot of leaks near tankless water heaters, on the sides of houses, even inside houses. And there’s a lot of water damage. We’re trying to fix it as fast as we can.”

Reed said one of the biggest issues they face is not having the necessary equipment for a freeze, because Texas doesn’t usually have that weather. So it becomes a waiting game.

Last year we had a heat gun for some things that were exposed like under houses and stuff like that,” Reed said. “But when the lines are in slabs or walls, it’s difficult to thaw them out without the proper equipment. So often it’s a waiting game of waiting for everything to unblock.”

David Jones, a plumbing technician at ABACUS, said they will get even more calls when temperatures start to drop and pipes thaw.

“We can come and check for any leaks or any type of damage,” Jones said.

Jones said that when water freezes, it expands and breaks pipes. People don’t notice it when it’s frozen, but once it melts, the water comes out.

Freezing temperatures are expected to continue, which is why Reed recommends running your faucets, insulating exposed pipes, and opening cabinets under your sink to let in warm air.

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