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Bausano launches extruders for PVC and polyolefin pipes

The Italian Bausano today announced the launch of its new generation of twin-screw and single-screw extrusion lines for PVC and polyolefin (PO) pipes. The twin-screw MD and the single-screw E-GO allow the production of different types of pipes — rigid or flexible, mono or multilayer, smooth or corrugated — for construction, agricultural, medical and other applications.

“The expansion of our extrusion lines for PVC and PO tubing is the result of our unique ability to combine our technological expertise, our process consulting with customers and our passion for innovation,” said Vice. -president of Bausano, Clemente Bausano. He noted that the company recently added members to its technical team with specific skills for designing advanced extrusion equipment.

A high-performance extrusion line for PVC tubes with diameters ranging from 63 to 160 mm, the MD Nextmover 170/30 model is equipped with a double outlet die head and reaches an overall throughput of 2,000 kg/h. The gravimetric feeder is designed to ensure maximum precision so that the outlet pipes have the same weight. In addition, the 170/30 model has bimetallic screws and a cylinder less subject to corrosion and wear.

The system also includes:

  • Stainless steel cooling and calibration benches;
  • two parallel 9m calibration rigs in a dual chamber configuration with temperature and water level control, allowing for different vacuum conditions as required;
  • high-performance, space-saving pipe cooling system — faster cooling improves pipe quality;
  • end-of-line drives, cutting units and belling machines are available as accessories.

The MD and E-GO lines are powered by Bausano’s Smart Energy System based on electromagnetic induction, which allows faster and more uniform heating of the cylinder, achieving up to 35% energy savings, according to the business.

The Digital Extruder Control 4.0, with a 21-inch screen, monitors consumption at each stage of the process and displays performance in real time, allowing the user to manage motor power, temperature, inspection of the oil control unit, adjustment of screws and other parameters, on request.

Bausano’s extrusion lines meet the vertical integration requirements of “smart factories” and are compatible with third-party systems such as in-line measurement tools to control internal and external diameters and pipe wall thickness.

Founded in 1946, Bausano is headquartered near Turin, Italy, and has production facilities in Brazil and India. Its US offices are based in Oswego, Illinois and Houston.