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Bluestone will install air lubrication systems on two of Princess Cruises ships

Silverstream Technologies

ALS will help reduce ship emissions and fuel consumption

Bluestone Group, an international technical services provider to the maritime industry, will install Silverstream’s Air Lubrication System (ALS) on board Princess Cruises’ Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess.

Both orders follow the successful installation of the ALS aboard Regal Princess and the projects are expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.

Silverstream’s ALS system works by creating a mat of microbubbles to cover the hull of the vessel, lowering the frictional resistance between the hull surface and the water. On a typical 300 meter cruise ship, this compressed air would be delivered via four to six air compressors. This reduces vessel emissions and provides an average net fuel saving of 5-10%, depending on vessel type and speed.

“We are proud to have been selected for additional ALS facilities and to support Princess Cruises in its long-term sustainability and decarbonization goals,” said Matteo Di Maio, President, and Giuseppe Costa, CEO of Bluestone. “Silverstream Technology’s system is being adopted by many shipowners on different types of vessels, a compelling indication of its effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption and emissions.”

During the project, Bluestone will be responsible for installing the air compressors, stainless steel and steel piping, wiring and electrical connections, as well as upgrading the ventilation systems and modifying steel structures. Shipyards will install the air release units in the hull. This allows Princess Cruises to minimize non-charter time by completing tasks that need to be done in dry dock within a scheduled docking period, and then Bluestone can complete the installations once the ships are back in service.

Bluestone also created a new video reporting system for this project. This will allow her to keep Princess Cruises updated on the progress of the project in real time.

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