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Brown, Higgins on lead pipe removal investment

BUFFALO, NY – Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Congressman Brian Higgins are taking action to ensure the city of Buffalo has clean drinking water.

They say $10 million of the city’s U.S. bailout funding will go toward replacing lead service lines across the city.

That money is going into the city’s existing old lead line replacement program, or ROLL for short.

According to Buffalo Sewer Authority general manager OJ McFoy, there are 40,000 lead service lines in Buffalo. He says the program has replaced over 700 lead lines so far, and they hope to replace another thousand with the money.

Brown also announced a new loan and grant program for homeowners and homeowners, using ARP funds to help cover the expense of replacing their plumbing.

It encourages owners to conduct themselves appropriately while waiting

Brown says that’s part of the $331 million investment Buffalo will receive in total.

“I’m proud to stand here on the first anniversary of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) with Congressman Higgins – who continues to be a strong supporter of our Old Lead Line Replacement Program (ROLL ) and our efforts to protect our children from the dangers of lead,” Brown said in a statement. “Since the start of this fiscal year, my administration has invested more than $1.3 million to replace more than 170 lines of lead service through our ROLL program, bringing our total investment to date to over $5 million.In addition, the City of Buffalo has committed $10 million of our ARP funds to significantly increase the number of line replacements of lead service over the next two years. Buffalo is fortunate to have such dedicated and effective partners in Washington.

“Every household and every family in America should be able to turn on the tap with peace of mind that the water they drink and give to their children is clean, safe and lead-free,” Higgins said in a statement. “Older communities, including Buffalo and western New York, are home to aging infrastructure, both the roads and bridges you can see and the water and sewer infrastructure you can’t see underneath. earth. Millions of dollars in federal investments will put people to work replacing lead water pipes here in Buffalo and completing these projects will support healthier children, families and neighborhoods across the city and across all the countries.