Air pipes

Edina’s high school goes virtual after frozen pipes burst

The majority of students at Edina High School learn virtually Tuesday and Wednesday after a garden hose freezes and then bursts.

School officials sent an email to families on Monday saying high school students and staff, except for “on-site special education programs”, will be switching to virtual learning.

Students were to return to school after winter break on Tuesday.

The duty staff discovered the problem on Sunday afternoon. The air shutter malfunctioned, allowing “freezing air” to enter the eastern area of ​​the school. This caused the garden hoses to freeze and burst, “sending a constant stream of water through classrooms, cascading down hallways and lower floors for an indefinite period of time.”

Saturday’s high in the Twin Cities was 1 degree with a low of 11 below, according to the National Weather Service. Sunday high was 5 degrees with a low of 14 below.

Custodians and a disaster recovery company have started the cleanup process, which will continue over the next two days. They will work to extract water, clean / dry carpets and remove damaged drywall.

“Due to the number of classrooms affected and the noise and disruption caused by cleaning work, we believe that a virtual learning environment will provide the fewest interruptions to learning for the majority of EHS students.” , indicates the letter.

The district said the learning spaces for the special education program had not been affected by the flooding or cleanup.

Extracurricular activities scheduled for January 4 and 5 will continue as planned and in-person learning will resume on January 6.