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Eyce’s Silicone Bongs and Cannabis Pipes Are Surprisingly Awesome

Some people like joints or blunts, but I personally prefer to consume cannabis in glass. That is, until I tried Eyce’s silicone molded pipes and bongs.

With the recent wave of cannabis legalization measures in the last few years in the United States, the number of ways of consuming cannabis has exploded. From vapes and edibles to tinctures and patches, there are endless ways to ignite. Although I was open to trying new things, I didn’t expect to really like smoking in Eyce’s cast pipes, but I was glad I was wrong.

Like many people, I usually smoke weed with a glass pipe. Glass does not heat up like other materials such as metal, and some consider it a pure delivery method as there is no burning of papers or tobacco – the flower you put in the bowl is this. that you inhale. But glass, well, it’s glass. It breaks easily, it can be difficult to clean, and can quickly become covered in resin, turning your neat delivery method into a stale, sticky mess.

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I tested the Eyce Spoon as well as the Eyce Mini Beaker, which is a small hand-held bong. Both were excellent, but given the low price ($ 19.99) and the great convenience of the spoon, this is truly a great choice for any stoner’s toolbox.

The spoon is a piece of silicone that looks more or less like a traditional blown glass pipe in the shape of a spoon, except for small geometric spaces molded into it for added style points. It works just like a glass pipe, but it has a few additional unexpected features that set it apart.

First of all, I know what you are thinking. Why the hell would I want to smoke silicone? I was surprised when I first used the device that there was no strange smell or taste. Eyce tells me that the silicone they use is made from FDA platinum cured food grade silicone with a temperature resistance of 570 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the same type of silicone used in baby food containers. Each silicone pipe comes with a borosilicate glass bowl insert so that the embers and the flame itself do not touch the silicone.

What really sets the spoon apart from the glass are its accessories and its cleaning ability. Each piece comes with a small poker that fits into a built-in holder along the barrel for easy cleaning as well as a hidden compartment under the chamber to store some weed.

Eyce’s spoon comes with a poker and chamber for storage.
Credit: eYCE

Putting a poker on the spoon itself is a genius, and the inclusion of a storage chamber also makes the Eyce Spoon a great smoking device on the go. Want to do your hike? Easy. Simply place the equivalent of a bowl of weed in the storage area and throw the spoon in your pocket. There is no need to worry about the glass and your cleaner is built in.

Then, of course, there is the matter of cleaning the spoon. The chamber is much smaller than a typical glass pipe of this type, which makes it much easier to maintain. I also found the material itself to be easier to clean than glass; the resin doesn’t really stick to the silicone, and a quick spray of water cleaned my room. Eyce offers a herbal silicone cleanser on their website which I’m sure works great, but in my testing it wasn’t necessary. You can even throw the thing in the dishwasher if you want.

Overall, I like the feel of the Eyce products. They are available in a variety of colors and the silicone is comfortable to hold. It’s soft and squishy – you can even bend the hose in half – and I found myself playing with the hose when it wasn’t in use.

Eyce also offers a robust line of other products. From bubblers to sidecars, hammers and glass pipes surrounded by silicone protectors, if smoking through silicone pipes is still a problem for you.

The only problem I encountered with my spoon was that my glass bowl broke. It was my fault – I was cleaning it with the poker and pushing a little too hard. Fortunately, for consumers, Eyce offers a lifetime warranty on its products and a one-year limited warranty on items such as the glass bowl.

For $ 20, that’s a no-brainer for any stoner.

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