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Frozen pipes keep plumbers busy | KLIN

In this freezing cold, remember that water expands when it freezes. This expansion puts pressure on the pipes and chances are you will wake up with no water coming from the faucet.

To find out what to do in this situation, KLIN News spoke with Brian Gill, plumbing service manager at John Henry Plumbing, Heating, and Air, who said their phones haven’t stopped ringing for the past few days. He says if you turn on the tap and there is no water coming out, there are things you should do.

Gill says, “Locate the shut-off valve in your house. Shut off that water because the pipes are starting to thaw. You could have broken pipes and this water will flood the house or flood the basement.

Gill says about 90% of the time when you have a frozen pipe it breaks, so it’s best to have a professional on hand to handle the repairs.

There are things you can do to prevent frozen pipes from happening.

Gill recommends letting the water drip from the faucet, especially if the pipes have already frozen or are exposed to the elements. This running water helps prevent pipes from freezing.

Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors so that warm air can reach the pipes.

Open doors to attics, basements, crawl spaces, or garages if pipes are there.

In cooler rooms with pipes, use a heater in that area, but make sure you’re home and can watch it.