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Hard freeze 20s will test the pipes of Brazos Valley residents throughout the weekend

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – After a day of wintry weather in the form of freezing rain, sleet and flurries, the Brazos Valley is now drawing attention to extremely cold temperatures ahead of the weekend.

A HARD FREEZE WARNING is in effect until 9 a.m. Friday for expected overnight temperatures as low as 20°C. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is also in place for the same period for expected wind chill values ​​as low as 5°.

Bryan-College Station officially fell to freezing point Thursday at noon. The next time the thermometer at Easterwood Airport is expected to return above 32° is expected just after noon on Friday. In all, about 25 hours of freezing or below freezing temperatures are expected before heading for another freeze on Friday evening. For part of the north of the Brazos valley, temperatures will not be able to exceed 32° until the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday for a collective frost of 40 to 48 hours. If the pipes in these areas freeze Thursday night, they probably won’t thaw until Saturday. That means if the pipes burst anytime Thursday night or Friday, it likely wouldn’t be known until Saturday afternoon.

Residents of the Brazos Valley will need to watch out for pipes over the next few nights. Low temperatures will drop to a hard freeze Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday evening and probably Sunday evening.

Low forecast for Bryan-College Station Record low
Friday: 21° 12° – 1887
Saturday: 23° 10° – 1887
Sunday: 25° 10° – 1887
Monday: 29° 5 – 1895

Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) suggests opening cabinets under sinks at night to allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes. Also, dripping sinks at a rate of 5 or 6 drops of cold water per minute should help move the water enough to prevent a freeze.


Although wind has no effect on pipes, it does have a major impact on humans, pets and livestock. On Friday morning, a strong north wind with gusts of 25 mph will to feel like the single digits at sunrise near the Brazos Valley. In fact, most felt temperatures are expected around 5° or 6°. In the afternoon, the temperatures at or just above the freezing point associated with this brisk and gusty wind will only to feel like 20° – 25°, at best.

Bundle up, Brazos Valley. Stay warm!

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