Aluminum air pipes

How to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing, bursting

Pipes will begin to freeze when temperatures reach the mid-twenties.

NORFOLK, Va. – Tom Fant, president of Superior Plumbing in Norfolk, encourages people to cover their pipes and keep them warm when the weather turns in the freezing winter weather.

“You have to protect them from the air, from the wind,” he said.

Fant told 13News Now that pipes start to freeze and burst when temperatures drop in the mid-20s. He said a common mistake many people make is not taking proper precautions when doing cold.

“’This can’t happen to me!’ That’s what everyone thinks, and it can happen to you,” he said.

When pipes freeze, they can burst and cause major damage to your walls.

“The water damage is very serious, the wood can rot, the drywall needs replacing and, of course, the plumbing needs fixing,” Fant said.

Damage from burst pipes could cost you thousands of dollars, but there are things you can do to protect your pipes and your wallet.

First, Fant suggested covering your pipes. He said you can insulate them or use heating tape.

He advised people to leave their closet doors open to allow hot air to circulate and detach outside garden hoses. He said it’s something people tend to forget about during the winter season.

“You won’t even realize it until spring when you try to use your garden hose again,” he said.

Above all, keep your home warm.

Fant said it was good to keep the temperature between 68 and 72 degrees.