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How to protect people, pets, plants and pipes before the cold

BEAUMONT, Texas — With temperatures forecast to drop into the mid-20s, you might need a quick refresher on the four Ps.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that taking precautions can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

The first to remember are the people.

Jason Moore of the Salvation Army in Beaumont said they were looking for people who may not have a warm place to go.

“During the day, when it’s cold, they can also come to our main building and there is a reception area. The front desk is a warm place for them to sit,” Moore said.

Overnight guests are welcome at 6 p.m. until it warms up. All you need to do is register when you arrive.

Beaumont Animal Care advises dog and cat owners to bring their pets for the night if they can.

If you are unable to bring them in, make sure they have shelter to protect them from temperate cold. You can do this by providing plenty of blankets, beds, or straw to keep them warm.

The next step is Pipes.

Plumbing Solutions owner Daren John said people should treat any exposed piping outdoors, especially your faucets.

“Your main power risers coming from the basement definitely want to insulate them. If you don’t have the polystyrene insulation, the insulated boxes you can get from your hardware store,” Johns said.

The good news of freezing temperatures shouldn’t last too long.

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