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How To Stop Your Pipes From Bursting | KSNF/KODE

KSN/KODE– With potential freezing temperatures overnight this weekend, Missouri American Water has some tips for avoiding water interruptions. Freezing pipes can be a major problem and can lead to burst pipes, which can be even more troublesome. Missouri American Water representatives suggest leaving a small trickle from the faucet if temperatures are consistently below freezing. You can also open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to expose the pipes to the warmer air in the house. But above all, take the time today to locate your water shut-off valve, before continued freezing weather sets in later this season.

“Some simple things homeowners can do first and foremost to find out where your water shutoff valve is in your home. That way, if something happens, you can shut off the water quickly and avoid any further damage. Also, any of your water pipes if they are exposed to cold air if they are near windows or basements, try to do things to minimize their exposure,” said Christie Barnhart, American Water.

And, if your pipes do burst and you have a higher than normal water bill, American Water offers a unique leak adjustment. Just show proof that the problem is solved.