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Huge swimming rats ‘use toilet pipes to infiltrate UK homes’

Pest control experts have warned that huge rats are squeezing through toilet pipes to enter British homes. Rodents can walk on water for days and hold their breath for up to three minutes, giving them easy access to people’s homes.

As reported by Live Leicestershire, the news comes as pest experts warn people to ‘protect rats’ from their homes to deny them entry. Ian Helands, a pest control specialist, warned: “I’ve had more calls than ever from homeowners who heard a noise, looked down their toilet to find a giant rat.

“No one is safe. Rats are excellent swimmers with soft bones and can squeeze through the smallest of spaces. They can hold their breath for three minutes and walk on water for three days, and they come up drain pipes.”

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He added: “They’re cunning and getting bolder and bolder. Basically, if they want to come into your house, they will.”

There has also been an influx in the number of rats in the UK, with around 150 million, the highest number on record. Mr Helands added: “It has increased by 25% each year during the pandemic.

“People are scared and they should be. There are more rats than ever and they’re taking over. I’ve seen some the size of cats.”

He confirmed that since people were not working and occupying city centers, rats must have entered people’s homes due to lack of food. Mr Helands, who runs Sussex pest control business Pests Be Gone, continued: “There are ways to protect your home from pests. You can get water pipe rat doors – they used to be used in very rural areas, like near canals, but now we recommend them even in built-up residential areas.”