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Increase your profits by monitoring your compressed air – April 2022 – Artic Dryers

Increase your profits by monitoring your compressed air

April 2022
Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Contamination of compressed air lines is a pervasive problem. Drying and filtration with compressed air will always reduce the problem, but complete elimination of contamination is not common.

Water and oil can contaminate compressed air, but by different mechanisms. Since water is contained in our atmosphere, the air compressor sucks in this moist atmospheric air and compresses it to 7 bars. The air leaving the compressor is fully saturated at its given pressure and temperature. If a lubricated screw compressor is used, some oils will leak from the air compressor and be introduced into the air line. Dust particles will also be sucked in from the atmosphere, along with other debris from the pipeline.

Artic Dryers International has a large stock of refrigeration type compressed air dryers.

Artic Dryers International has a large stock of refrigeration type compressed air dryers.

The function of a dryer is to remove water and oils generated by an air compressor. Dryers are generally of the refrigeration and chemical adsorption type.

Fight against waste

As compressed air is very expensive to produce, it makes sense to constantly reduce waste and optimize its use. Pipeline leaks are the main area of ​​compressed air waste. Finding leaks is one thing, quantifying the volume of air leaks and the associated costs is another. The Artic Dryers S531 Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a powerful tool that does this job with ease. Its features include a touch screen, wireless headset, voice recording function, loss calculator, laser pointer and photographic recording of the leak area.

At the end of the leak investigation, the S531 software produces a comprehensive report with graphs, air loss volumes and loss cost (individually and cumulatively). This tool can save a company significant expense, especially since industry experts estimate that 20-25% of compressed air is lost to atmospheric leakage.

Monitor your ventilation system

The S331 data logger and display can monitor, measure and record all parameters of a compressed air system: flow volume, pressure, dew point, air velocity, power consumption, air flow. cooling water, particle count as well as oil vapor monitoring. The S331 displays all of this, beyond its ability to accept third-party sensors.

These systems can be centrally located or placed in production areas, allowing users to benchmark their production floors and ultimately quantify the cost of compressed air in manufacturing their products. The S331 can also relay information to a scada system to enable centralized record keeping and control.

Mobile audit and monitoring service

Artic Dryers has the ability to monitor a customer’s plant with mobile versions of the S331, logging the same parameters for hours or days at a time. It can simultaneously perform air leak audits and spot dew point measurements anywhere in a facility.

The company even has the ability to provide gas detection in pressurized systems as well as in the atmosphere. These gas sensors transmit data to the S551 Mobile Data Logger so that reports can be generated in graphical and written formats, and exported to Microsoft Excel.