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Lack of funding delays replacement of water supply pipes in Ward 11 – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

Negligent remediation work causes problems for the public

Sanjeev K. Sharma
JAMMU, November 12: Ward number 11 in the old city of Jammu is grappling with the problems caused by the reckless work of the authorities who laid the network of sewer pipes in the city, while the replacement of old worn pipes for the neighborhood water supply has been delayed. due to the scarcity of funds which has further aggravated the misfortunes of the people living there.
This was informed by elected councilor of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Anita Sharma, representing ward number 11.
In an exclusive interaction with the Excelsior, the councilor claimed that the agency responsible for laying the sewer system had dug up the streets and left them without proper repairs causing the public to suffer permanently and it is the problem wherever this agency has worked.
“In many places, blocked sewers leave dirty water on the roads and streets, creating a dirty environment on the one hand, while posing a health threat on the other,” he said. she declared.
It is pertinent to mention here that problems still exist in the city, although the term of the elected body of JMC is heading towards its completion, as more than four years of its mandatory five years have now passed.
Anita Sharma, who is a first-time elected independent councilor in ward number 11, informed that her ward includes the areas of Malhotra Street, Purani Mandi, Bharat Mata Chowk (City Chowk), Kanak Mandi, Lakh Data Bazaar, etc
Another serious neighborhood issue she raised was that of water supply as there is no time in the neighborhood for water supply.
“Though the water supply is done daily, but it only stays there for a short duration of 35 minutes,” said Anita Sharma, adding, “As the houses in the old city have no installation adequate storage for water, so the supply must be made daily base in the neighborhood.
She also talked about the problem due to poor parking in the city from which the public suffers.
“Since the streets are very narrow in my neighborhood, the two-wheelers parked on either side of the lanes make it difficult for pedestrians to pass, but the traffic police concerned pay no attention in this direction,” said the JMC advisor.
She informed that due to congestion in the city, many people are selling their homes and moving out.
Anita Sharma said the utility poles in the neighborhood are not fixed properly and are either tilted or broken and the wires remain hanging in bunches.
“The district has so far gotten 80% of the streetlights from the total requirement, but some of them are not working due to a problem that the company concerned does not bother to rectify,” said the adviser, adding that stray animal problems especially because of stray dogs have become a concern in the neighborhood as these dogs pose a threat to children and the elderly.
She informed that the track and drainage works in the neighborhood have not been completed so far and there are still 20% left.
“There is no door-to-door garbage collection by cars here because the lanes are very narrow,” said Anita Sharma, adding that the number of Safai Karamcharis in the neighborhood is also much lower compared to at a requirement of 26, only 16 Safai. Karamcharis was given to ward number 11 and there was also no replacement for those who died and retired so the cleanliness in the ward is not up to par.
She informed that in the ongoing dengue fever outbreak, JMC has fogged up the neighborhood to protect the public.
“Almost everyone in the ward made Ayushman cards while for voter cards, relevant officials went door to door to provide the service,” the councilor said.
She also said that COVID-19 vaccination doses were also given to almost all eligible residents of the neighborhood and during the lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, she used to distribute rations and other items needed by needy people in the neighborhood and also did disinfection in his room.
The councilor further informed that there is no parking place or playground in her neighborhood while the only park is at Purani Mandi and it is a well developed park with an outdoor gym, seating, lights, etc.
“The ward also has a community hall in Devi Dwara to help people with their social functions,” Councilor Anita Sharma said.