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LCA is asking customers for help locating lead pipes

Lehigh County Authority is asking for the public’s help in locating lead pipes in its service area. WDIY’s Sarit Laschinsky has more.

LCA asks all customers who receive its water to complete an online survey and provide data on the water service line entering their home. This includes identifying the type of pipe material – whether copper, lead, galvanized steel or plastic – as well as basic details about their ownership.

The utility said this data will help it meet new regulatory requirements, and LCA urged customers to submit this information so it can proactively apply for infrastructure grant funding to remove lead from the system. of water.

The survey, along with tools and information on lead pipe and pipe material testing, can be found on the LCA website at

Customers requiring assistance or unable to access the online survey should contact the Urban or Suburban Divisions of LCA Customer Service at 610-437-7517 (Urban Division) or 610-253-1444 ( suburban division).

Customers who discover that their property has lead pipes, or who cannot determine the material of the pipe, should immediately take steps to reduce potential lead exposure. Exposure has health effects, especially for the most vulnerable groups such as children or people with health problems.

Although there is currently no requirement for private homeowners to replace lead pipes, the authority advises people residing in the home to take steps to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water.

(Original Airdate: 7/29/22)