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LWS calls for action against frozen pipes | KLIN

As Lancaster County receives a freezing warning, Lincoln Water System urges the public to take action to protect pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can lead to costly damage and high bills for homeowners.

According to Lincoln Water System, the most common problems residents face are lawn irrigation systems that have not been properly winterized, pipes or backflow devices that freeze and break, and pipes that freeze. along exterior walls in poorly insulated areas and in unheated basements, crawl spaces, garages and closets.

Lincoln Water System recommends the following precautions:

  • Properly drain and winterize lawn irrigation systems.
  • Remove the hoses from the outdoor faucets. Most newer homes have freeze-proof faucets that drain water when the hose is removed. Older houses may have a valve inside the house that can be closed.
  • Make sure all areas with plumbing are heated. Space heaters should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and only under supervision.
  • If the pipes are concealed in accessible spaces near exterior walls, open cabinet doors to allow warmer air to reach the pipes.
  • Heating tape should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions or by a licensed plumber.
  • Running a small amount of water from a kitchen or bathroom faucet for short intervals will usually prevent pipes from freezing. About one cup of water per minute is recommended.
  • Locate the water shutoff valve ahead of time to allow immediate access in the event of a leak or break in the plumbing system. The valves are usually near the water meter.