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Pipes and gutters raised for a while while renovating a greenhouse

Anyone who currently walks into the greenhouses of pepper grower Sweetpoint in Middenmeer, the Netherlands, will see the entire heating system and growing gutters hanging in the air. Now it’s not unheard of, but the fact that the grow gutters have also been temporarily raised is quite special. The producer chose to replace the gutters after renovating his greenhouse. Garben van der Velden of HortiClean, the company that first lifted the gutters and will later replace the ground cover and replace the gutters, provides an update.

“Here, the greenhouses are about fifteen years old. Over the years, the ground slowly began to sag. Suddenly, the rail carriages no longer rolled correctly and you could see here and there, with planks or a few tiles, the pipes were kept straight so that the carriages continued to function correctly. Now the decision has been made to renovate the whole greenhouse in one go, and the ground will be leveled again. Normally then you would put everything aside and roll up the gutters and replace them, and that’s what we’re going to do, but since the gutters are still in good shape, we decided to hoist them as well. “

The result is that currently everything is suspended 2.40 meters above the ground: an extraordinary spectacle. “At the moment, entrepreneur Van Etten is leveling the ground. Their machines can now go under pipes and gutters without any problem. In about a week and a half our team will be back to get everything down and set up. Sometimes producers have staff. for this too, but not all staff are able to lift pipes and gutters. Our employees are experienced in this field. We also ensure that a new groundsheet is made. This way, the grower has a clean and tidy greenhouse again in about three weeks. “

The HortiClean team, which is made up of a ‘good bunch of regular guys’, are usually mainly active in ornamental horticulture crop changes, although more and more vegetable growing projects are also springing up every day. year. “This year is no exception, now that many growers are switching crops or moving their greenhouse to an ornamental grower. For example, we are currently removing an entire system of tubular rails and old concrete paths so that a new concrete floor can be made for growing bedding plants, which was once a pepper greenhouse. In addition, at LKP Plants we have removed and rebuilt the complete roller table system so that the growing soil can be renovated.

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