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Pipes could be the cause of a Utah woman’s health problems

ABUNDANT, Utah – A Park City resident is urging others to have the pipes and water entering their home tested after discovering that what was going through the pipes in her home could be a big reason why she was feeling so sick.

RETEGO Laboratories found copper levels in the Park City homeowner’s water were 6,000% higher than what is considered a safe level.

At the time, all Lisa Anderson knew was that she was feeling very sick. That, and his chronic Lyme disease symptoms showed no signs of improving, despite intensive treatment.

Her doctor thought she might be feeling unwell due to metal poisoning from something in her environment.

That’s when RETEGO Labs came in to test the water entering his home. Testing included turning on faucets and looking for any signs of bad water.

Les Merrill, president of RETEGO Labs. (KSL TV)

“When they started testing me for metals in my system for Lyme disease, I thought, ‘I wonder why they’re doing this? “, said Anderson.

Les Merrill, president of RETEGO Labs, said he had been to Anderson’s home twice for testing.

“The doctor had looked at everything, his whole diet, and said, ‘We have to look at the water,'” Merrill said.

Merrill said he tested the city water entering her home. Park City water was safe to use.

During the second round of tests, Merrill noticed that there were blue stains inside Anderson’s toilets and sinks.

This water test highlighted major metal toxins, including a copper level 6,000% above the recommended safe level.

“I was shocked,” Merrill said.

RETEGO Labs discovered that it’s not the water coming from the city that’s bad, but rather the way it’s carried into his house through copper pipes and a citrus-based filter.

“The big thing to look at with water is balance…The only way you know is through testing,” Merrill said.

Other things Merrill said people can do to make sure what they drink is safe include making sure their pipes are protected.

“The Brita filters and this type that go directly on the tap – that mount directly on your tap – have a carbon filter or something on them. They are very good at changing the taste and color of your water,” Merrill said.

With copper now removed from the water entering her home, Anderson said she hoped her health would improve.

Along with sharing her story, she urges others to check the pipes in their homes and get their water tested.

“When you get sick and lose your health because of things that you could have fixed, or that happened, believe me, you wish you had done that,” Anderson said.

The last time Anderson had his blood tested, his copper levels were high.

In the coming months, now that the copper has been removed from the water entering her home, she, the water lab and her doctor hope that she will begin to feel better and that future blood tests will show signs of improvement.