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Prevent Frozen Pipes |

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif .– When dreaming of a white Christmas, don’t let frozen pipes ruin your vacation. To avoid damage and expense from frozen pipes, follow these tips.

Wintering advice

1. Insulate exposed pipes or valves.

2. Seal holes and cracks in exterior walls, foundations and around pipes.

3. Locate the shut-off valve in your home and shovel it regularly so you can access it in a water-related emergency.

4. Log in to WaterSmart to update your emergency details and be automatically registered to receive leak notifications:

To go on holiday?

Before you leave your home for more than a day or two during the cold winter months:

1. Close your house’s shut-off valve.

2. Open the interior and exterior faucets to drain the pipes. Close the taps once emptied.

3. Open bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors, as well as cabinet doors under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow hot air to circulate.

4. Keep the thermostat set at 65 degrees.

Frozen pipes?

1. Turn off the water at the shut-off valve in your house.

2. Open a faucet near the frozen point, wrap the frozen pipe with a towel, and repeatedly pour hot water over the towel.

The South Tahoe Utility District is available 24/7. In case of emergency, call customer service at 530-544-6474.

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