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Process and control today | Atlas Copco’s G15 Air Compressor Opens Window of Opportunity for Custom Shade Manufacturer

Ventura Enterprise is a start-up offering bespoke integrated blinds for double glazed windows and folding doors. The company has invested in multi-tool CNC drilling and punching machines to maximize efficiency and strengthen its competitive advantage. These machines were powered, without problem, by an Atlas Copco G15FF 10 bar air compressor from their original installation.

As an innovative alternative to conventional types, integrated blinds fit into the air gap between the two double-glazed panes in the window or door frame. These are compelling solutions for many reasons: they are clean, tidy and compact compared to awnings, and require less time and money for maintenance. In addition, unlike external types, built-in blinds are not susceptible to damage from careless use. Since they do not accumulate dust, they provide a hygienic choice for environments such as hospitals.

Ventura currently offers magnetically driven units, but they are developing electrically driven versions that charge either from a solar cell or from a mains charger. One remote will operate up to four shades.

Highly reliable compressed air power

When setting up its operation, Ventura needed a rotary screw air compressor to power all of its manufacturing equipment. And as Pritesh Patel, director of Ventura pointed out, the compressor had to be completely reliable, because their entire manufacturing process depends on it. As a result, the company chose an Atlas Copco G15FF 10 bar oil-injected tank-mounted rotary screw compressor for four reasons: First, Atlas Copco was recommended to Ventura by a colleague who had very favorable experience. and trouble-free in the use of Atlas Copco products. Second, Atlas Copco was a well-known brand with a lot of good reviews. Third, the price offer was attractive – a particularly important consideration for a start-up making a large number of capital purchases to set up its manufacturing plant. Finally, Ventura was also able to purchase the compressor via The compressor store, Atlas Copco’s online store, which was convenient and included free shipping.

Although a 10 kW compressor may have been sufficient to meet current production requirements, Ventura decided to maintain its operation by opting for the additional machine capacity of 15 kW. They also purchased an outlet filter to ensure the delivery of the highest quality air to their manufacturing equipment, to avoid the risk of damage.

Atlas Copco delivered the compressor, and we were able to install it ourselves with the piping,», Commented Pritesh Patel. “It’s been running smoothly for four months now, that’s perfect!” He continued: “We are very satisfied with the development of business and production, especially since we are now receiving larger orders. We target large buildings like hospitals to meet their hygiene requirements, but also other business premises, where people often use windows carelessly and damage attached blinds.

An ideal compressor for small businesses

The G15FF 10 bar air compressor is particularly well suited to the requirements of small businesses. The belt driven compressor only needs single phase power while being quiet, efficient, powerful and reliable. This rugged package is very affordable, as a low initial investment is followed by efficient, low-maintenance operation.

Its fully enclosed, state-of-the-art IP55 (TEFC) compression element motor meets or exceeds IEEE and NEMA Premium efficiency standards, with bearings greased for life. Its robust air filter provides long life and reliability for long service intervals and is easy to replace. In addition, its integrated refrigerant air dryer cools the compressed air and removes any moisture before it enters the compressed air network. This prevents rust in the compressed air piping and prevents damage to connected equipment or machines.

The G15FF can also be installed inconspicuously in small production facilities and workshops. With a fully integrated compact controller, it makes the best use of precious floor space. It has a soundproofing canopy and does not require a separate compressor room; it can be installed in most environments, right in the middle of the user’s workplace.

The G15FF has proven to be ideal for a small business like ours with no expertise in compressed air technology,“commented Pritesh Patel,” It was simple to install as a compact yet complete unit, plug and play, and performed reliably, with low maintenance requirements, since installation. With its built-in reserve capacity, we are confident that it will support our manufacturing operation for many years to come.. “

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