Aluminum air pipes

Professionals give advice on how to save pipes during the coming winter

CASPER, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – The state of Wyoming is expecting sub-zero temperatures for the week of February 21, 2022. This may be cause for concern for homeowners in the state. One of the main concerns of these citizens is the possibility of frozen and burst pipes.

There are several ways to avoid this problem and it requires very little effort from the owner. John Sleep, co-owner of Servpro Damage Restoration of Casper, says one of the best things you can do to help prevent broken pipes is to let the water run. Indeed, running water is much less susceptible and more difficult to freeze than standing water. Mr. Sleep also recommended that residents keep cupboards under sinks open during these cold snaps. This allows the heated air to warm the pipes and can be a great preventative measure in the event of burst pipes.

John also made recommendations on the actual plumbing in the house, as one of the main issues they see is with the copper pipes.

“When it comes to plumbing, we see fewer breaks with PEX plumbing. We see a lot more with copper plumbing. I don’t necessarily recommend re-plumbing your whole house to prevent freezing, but you can take some basic steps to make your home more frost resistant,” Mr. Sleep said.

They also recommend that all vacant or unoccupied homes during this weather be kept at 55 degrees or higher to help further prevent leaks and ruptures.

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