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Protect pipes and pets from the cold – KIRO 7 News Seattle

SEATTLE — In a few days, workers at Beacon Plumbing could be exceptionally busy.

“Anytime the temperatures are below freezing for an extended period of time, we work overtime,” said journeyman plumber Brent Bates.

He said that to prevent pipes from freezing, which can burst when thawing and cause flooding, it’s good to pay special attention to faucets on exterior walls that might have poor insulation.

Bates suggests keeping cabinet doors open under sinks on exterior walls to let in warmer room air or let a faucet run.

He also suggests temporarily blocking off crawl space vents if pipes under a house are poorly insulated, and closing isolation valves on outdoor faucets that might be attached to garages.

And anyone who might have reconnected the hoses to the faucets when it was warmer would have to disconnect them again.

“People might have their pipes, we thought we were done with the cold,” Bates said.

Cold weather can also be difficult for pets left outdoors.

Seattle Animal Shelter’s Don Baxter says bring them, or at least make sure their water bowls don’t freeze.

“We want to make sure pets are safe,” Baxter said.

Outside the shelter, workers use a pet-friendly de-icer.

But not everyone does.

“When they walk their pets on the streets, we ask them to wipe their pets’ paws because they might walk through de-icer that might not be pet-friendly,” Baxter said.