Air pipes

Protect the pipes now from winter frost later

Don’t let your guard down over the forecast for a warmer, drier winter in New Mexico.

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utilities Authority reminds residents that it is always important to protect home pipes and sprinkler systems from damage caused by ice.

Investing a relatively small amount of effort now in preparation can save time and money later. Among the advice offered by the water authority:

The program prevents people from being left behind

The average annual energy assistance payment is around $ 285…

Close sprinkler system, turn off the automatic timer and drain the water from the system to prevent damage to the hoses.

Disconnect and drain the exterior pipes. Detaching the hose allows water to flow out of the hose, so an overnight freeze does not cause the faucet to burst.

Blanket Exterior faucets with insulating foam covers and wrap exposed exterior pipes.

Make sure everyone in the household knows where the main shut-off valve is and how to close it if a pipe bursts.

Isolate pipes and valves in unheated indoor areas, such as a garage, basement, crawl space, or space under a mobile home using standard pipe wrapping material or ‘heating tape »Available at most hardware or building supply stores.

Shut off access doors, vents and cracks to prevent winter winds from entering interior spaces where water pipes may be subject to freezing temperatures.

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