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Protect your pets and your pipes from the approaching cold snap

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The coldest weather of the season so far is on its way over the next few days and nights.

This is why it is important to keep certain things in mind to ensure the safety of your home and your pets.

“Where you are comfortable bring them and let them be comfortable with you,” said New Hanover Humane Society director Jamie Kilgore.

Kilgore says the cold weather we are about to experience this week is dangerous for our furry friends.

She says the best thing for our pets is to get them inside. But says there are certain steps you can take if you can’t take them indoors.

“A doghouse with hay in it. They say it’s better to use hay than blankets or bedding as they can get wet, but the hay will stay dry and keep them warm as well, ”Kilgore said.

Kilgore reminds pet owners that it’s important for outdoor pets to have water at all times, which can be difficult when temperatures drop below freezing.

“If you have to, throw that chunk of ice in the morning and fill it up,” Kilgore added. “Check it out throughout the day if you can. At least once a day, refill it so that it does not freeze.

It’s not just the water that is likely to freeze over the next few nights.

H2GO’s Tyler Wittkofsky says you need to make sure your pipes are protected from the cold.

“Keep your cupboards open so the air in your home can flow through them and cold air doesn’t get stuck in them,” Wittkofsky said. “Dripping your hot water – or even cold water – allows the water to flow through the pipes so that there is a constant flow. “

Wittkofsky says there’s no way to guarantee you won’t have pipe problems when the weather turns cold, so taking a few precautions can lower your chances of an expensive repair.

“That’s all they can do around the house and save money in the long run, even if they have to spend a few bucks now,” Wittkofsky said.

Officials say they don’t expect widespread problems, but advise you to turn off the water and call a plumber as soon as possible if you have a bursting pipe.