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Protect your pipes and plants from the cold

HOUSTON – Many stores like Bering’s Hardware and Home Depot say now is the time to protect your home and plants from the cold.

People would stop by Bering to buy plant covers, propane/gas tanks and clothes.

Officials said it was busy and they have seen an increase in the number of customers getting ready.

Items that protect your faucets, pipes, and plants sell out pretty quickly.

Michael Uchniat is a director at Bering’s and said most people aren’t prepared for the cold.

“They were expecting it to be cold but it’s not as bad as last year so we had leftover stuff from last year which we made sure we had in stock like plant protection, pipe wrap,” Uchniat said.

Brenda Smith is a local gardener and shared tips with KPRC 2 on how to protect your plants.

  • Pile up those falling leaves that your neighbors are packing up and heading off to pick up the trash!

  • As the leaves compost (a process that begins as soon as they fall), they produce heat, then continue slowly, safely, to produce fantastic FREE fertilizer.

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to water well before the next frost. Well-hydrated roots can tolerate cold temperatures, albeit temporary. Dehydrated roots will be much more susceptible to frost damage.

  • If you’re worried, throw frost-proof cloth, row covers, anything light on the plants to keep freezing water from lingering on the leaves. “Try” a broom or stick to lift the plant material. Washtubs, large pots or other coverings will help small plants.

  • Remember to watch your pets and people in cold weather.

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