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Samsung offers an affordable inverter air conditioner

Samsung introduced the AR18MVFHGWK2FE – Samsung 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC with Digital Inverter, says a press release.

The air conditioner comes with attractive features making it the best air conditioner in its price range.

Equipped with Digital Inverter Boost, Easy Filter Plus and Triple Protector Plus technology, the air conditioner which was previously available at Tk 95,900 can now be purchased at just Tk 79,900.

The air conditioner comes with the world’s first 8-pole digital inverter compressor.

Unlike conventional fixed-speed compressors, the AR18MVFHGWK2FE’s Digital Inverter Boost technology efficiently maintains the desired temperature, eliminating the need to turn it on and off frequently, saving up to 73% energy.

Moreover, it also uses strong neodymium magnets and a double-tube muffler inside, producing less noise and vibration for restful sleep throughout the night.

With AC’s rapid cooling function, it cools the air 43% faster, while dispersing cool air farther and farther, reaching a distance of up to 15m.

Plus, its Easy Filter Plus captures dust, pet hair, and fibers while keeping the heat exchanger clean and reducing harmful bacteria by up to 99% with its unique “zeolite” and ” silver ions”, making the air you breathe fresher than ever. .

The DURAFIN™ aluminum condenser is corrosion resistant and allows faster heat exchange through the micro-channel. DURAFIN™ passes the 100-day seawater acetic acid test, and its unique shape provides more room for heat transfer, for better efficiency.

It also comes with Triple Protector Plus, which protects the compressor against electrical overloads or fluctuations. Its circuitry protects the controller from voltages ranging from 80V to 450V, while the anti-corrosion coating on the durable fin and cabinet protects the condenser and cabinet from rust.

The air conditioner also comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor and after-sales service that includes free installation, free shipping, 16-foot Samsung copper tubing, and 3 free proactive services for the first year. It can also be purchased through a three or six month EMI installation.