Aluminum air pipes

Single and twin screw lines for PVC and polyolefin tubing

Bausano launched its new generation of twin-screw and single-screw extrusion lines for PVC and polyolefin (PO) pipes. His twin-screw MD and single screw E-GO allows the production of different types of pipes – rigid or flexible, single or multi-layer, smooth or corrugated – for various applications, including construction, agriculture and medical.

Bausano’s twin screw lines for PVC can accommodate pipes with diam. ranging from 63mm to 160mm. They feature the machine builder’s MD Nextmover 170/30, which features a dual outlet die head for an overall output of over 4,400 lbs/hr6. On the machine, the gravimetric doser is designed to ensure maximum precision so that the outlet pipes have the same weight. In addition, the 170/30 model has bimetallic screws and a cylinder that is less subject to corrosion and wear.

Other innovative features include: stainless steel cooling and calibration benches to produce pipes with a flawless surface; two parallel 9mm calibration rigs in a dual chamber configuration with temperature and water level control, allowing different vacuum conditions to be created as needed; and an efficient pipe cooling system that cools the pipes faster, improving their quality and taking up less space when installing the line. Bausano also offers end-of-line accessories, including drive system, cutting unit and belling machine.

The energy efficiency improvements of the MD and single-screw E-GO ranges are powered by two innovative systems: Bausano’s Smart energy system, with its electromagnetic induction principles that allow faster and more uniform heating of the cylinder, for energy savings of up to 35%; and its Digital Extruder Control 4.0, with a 21 inch. screen, accurately monitors the consumption of each stage of the process and has a real-time performance display for engine power management, temperature, oil control unit inspection , screw adjustment and other parameters, on request.

Single screw extruders for polyolefin pipes

Bausano’s extrusion lines also meet Smart Factory’s vertical integration requirements and are able to communicate with third-party systems, such as the sophisticated online measurement tool for precise control of internal and external diameter and thickness. wall thickness of the pipe.