Compressed air pipes

SPONSORED. PPS compressed air: a 100mm – 4″ diameter system for higher airflow (by Prevost)

To accommodate larger airflow capabilities, Prevost has expanded its Prevost piping system (PPS) to include 100mm – 4″ pipe, compatible mounting accessories and a full range of installation tools. With its innovative design, the PPS stands out for its reliability, high performance, increased efficiency and, above all, a spectacular reduction in pressure drops.

A powerful network

The 100mm -4″ diameter line was designed for large industrial and commercial applications requiring higher flow rates.

The larger diameter hose along with the high capacity compressors (hp/cfm) distributes a constant flow of air throughout the network to supply all workstations.

To adapt to the complexity of large networks, we have developed specific components that allow you to create your custom network.

the Compact connection concept Where DC concept is specially designed to equip compressor rooms or to meet specific space constraints

A fully customizable solution

Scalable, customizable and modular – the Prevost Piping System (PPS) the compressed air network can be adapted to any installation configuration.

The wide choice of equipment allows for unparalleled customization and design possibilities, especially for compact spaces and compressor rooms. the PPS The system is quick to install and can be easily disassembled for maintenance or expanded for future growth.

There is always a solution (Prévost)

Complete security

Light, compact and resistant, PPS and CC Concept fittings provide a perfect seal, increased impact resistance and are constructed of durable material 100% aluminum Equipment.

In case of emergencythe overhead network can be instantly depressurized with our remote controlled pneumatic safety valve.

Pneumatic safety valves (SPP1 vice-president) offer working pressure between 2.5 and 16 bar (36 and 232 psi), provide laminar flow and are optimized to reduce pressure drop. The 100% aluminum design provides maximum reliability and durability.

Two easy stop switch options are available for remote pneumatic activation, save valuable time and productivity:

  • pushbutton
  • key switch for added security.

Simplified installations

The new size includes a dedicated range of accessories and installation tools to facilitate the most complicated networks. For example, the collar design allows the 100mm -4″ diameter to connect effortlessly.

We have developed a new tool that allows technicians to drill directly into the pipe while it is still under pressure.

Example of PPS installation (Prevost)

Constructed of reliable and durable material

All products from the PPS range are 100% aluminum. Lightweight yet strong extruded aluminum PPS the tubes are stainless, fire resistant and designed to limit pressure drops as much as possible.

Available in 4 and 5.5 mm (13.12 ft and 19.7 ft) lengths, they are 100% compatible with compressor oils.

Three color options are available:

  • Blue tubes – compressed air – RAL 5012
  • Gray tubes – empty – RAL 7001
  • Green tubes – neutral gases – RAL 6029

All the components of Prevost piping system compressed air network are delivered with a 10 year warranty and benefit from TÜV SÜDand ATEX directive certificates.

Pressure drops and energy savings

the PPS compressed air network has many advantages. Its innovative design reduces load losses, a phenomenon that in traditional systems can cause more than 30% loss of energy between the compressor and the distribution points. This allows significant energy savings.

Learn more about the PPS interval

Prevost services:

The company supports you in your compressed air network installation project.

Designing a high-quality network can be complicated, so we help you through the process. For complex or integrated installations, our teams support you from start to finish.

Services include design, supply of material lists and full quotes in 3 steps:

  1. Full plan to visualize the whole system in a building
  2. A detailed diagram of each drop with corresponding part numbers
  3. A complete solution nomenclature of materials for the entire air system, including a list, quantities and price information.

This information provides a detailed plan and helps installation crews.

Ask for the plan of your installation project