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Thames Water apologizes after burst pipes caused flooding around Swindon

THAMES Water has apologized for the problems caused by the burst pipes around Swindon.

After Thames Avenue flooded on Friday, a diversion sent drivers onto Moredon Road – then a break under that road sent a jet of water into the air on Monday night.

Another burst pipe near Blunsdon Road caused further headaches on Tuesday morning. Later that day, scheduled repairs began on an unrelated leak on Mead Way, which led to further congestion on Swindon’s roads.

Repairs are complete, Thames Avenue reopened this morning and Moredon Road and Blunsdon Road are expected to be open tomorrow once the resurfacing work is complete.

A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: “We are sorry for the traffic disruption caused by the burst pipes.

“The bursts occurred on separate, unconnected sections of our underground pipe network and were therefore unrelated.

“However, increased traffic on Moredon Road while Thames Avenue was closed may have put additional pressure on the pipe below and contributed to its bursting.

“We typically have more leaks and bursts this time of year when sub-zero temperatures, as we have seen overnight in recent weeks, cause pipes to expand and contract.”

The impact on the local water supply was limited to seven properties.

Swindon City Council has informed residents of the situation regarding road closures.

A spokesperson said on Facebook: “At Mead Way there is a burst water main off the main carriageway which should be fixed by Friday (January 28). Temporary traffic lights are in use but expect long delays.

“The Thames Avenue water leak has now been fixed and the road has reopened.

“Moredon Road is still closed at the moment, but Thames Water is planning to reopen the road by midday on Friday (January 28).

“Blunsdon Road is open but that could change as Thames Water may have to close the road to repair a leak in the pavement.

“We will post updates as soon as we know more.”