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Thames Water to find solutions after wave of burst pipes causing flooding

Thames Water is working on a plan to prevent Swindon from suffering further leaks by improving the water system after a recent series of burst pipes around the town caused traffic chaos.

The water company stressed that it had not yet agreed on a “workable resolution” because the teams are in the early stages of discussions to find the best solution.

He warned that the long-term plan could take “time” to implement, but managers are also considering immediate solutions, including reducing water pressure at certain points along the mainline to minimize the risk of future leaks.

The assurances come after several water pipes burst around Swindon in the space of a few weeks.

Emergency services responded to a flooded road on Thames Avenue on January 15. The road was closed and a diversion sent drivers onto Moredon Road.

A water main on this diversion route burst on January 25 in dramatic scenes that saw a ‘fountain’ of water spurt into the air. Blunsdon Road and Mead Way also reported separate flooding from burst pipes on the same day.

Thames Water apologized for the disruption, but noted the incidents were unrelated.

A spokeswoman said: ‘The three most recent bursts were unrelated to each other and were on completely different sections of the network.

“Due to the time of year, we are experiencing a higher number of leaks and bursts across our network as we see lower temperatures and greater fluctuations that cause the burst and pipe cracking.”

Haydon Wick councilor and Swindon Borough Council leader David Renard have written to the company raising concerns about the multiple incidents around Swindon.

He posted Thames Water’s response on Facebook. It said:

“We are currently working on flood risk modeling in the Thames Avenue and Haydon Wick area and our Asset Management and System Operations teams are working closely on a number of solutions to mitigate further leaks. In the region.

“We need to ensure that any solutions we move forward with are the best holistic responses that consider current risks and also provide future proofing for any new demands on the network as the area grows and grows. in the years to come.

“Our insurers are already in contact with the affected owners and are working with them to advance any damage claims.”

The company has advised all affected vulnerable residents to use the Priority Services Registry which provides additional support and ensures customers with additional needs are prioritized.