Air piping services

The brief introduction of air pipe fitting

Couplings: Transfer of compressed air, connection of pneumatic tools and pneumatic systems, water systems in industry, on construction sites, agriculture and horticulture.

It differs from American type and European type, including pipe end, male connector, female connector, the size of 1 / 4-2. For the large size of the end of the hose, female connector and male connector such as 11/4, 11/2 and 2 with 4 lugs presser foot. American type surface is electric with white zinc, it is Npt wire. Because the European type is electric with yellow zinc, it is bspt wire. All the product will do 100% test before shipping out.

According to the requirements of many customers, we also open the new mold for a triple plugged connection.

On double bolt hose clamps

When installing in the pipe, two clamps of different size can use the same pipe. If you want waterproof hose, you can choose the small size. On the contrary, if you want relex, then you can choose the large size. In actual use, the pipe should be inserted into the liner, and the outer diameter of the pipe will be increased, so that there will be no problem in use. The size of SL22-SL1275 we can produce, for the new mold now SL22-SL49, we don’t use the spacer, when the intall on the pipe is more circular than the old mold. For the SL60-SL400 we use the carbon steel spacer, for the large size of SL525-SL1275 we use the malleable iron spacer. When you use the product, if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us freely to solve it for you.

These are widely used for air and water in industry and construction. They each have two lugs (claws) which engage in the corresponding notches of the opposite half. This is why they can be connected so easily – simply by pushing two parts together and turning them. Our factory has 30 years of experience in producing pipe fittings. The product quality is stable, the test results are more than the relevant national standards, and customer feedback is not bad. If you are interested, welcome inquiry. We assure you of our best services at all times.

1. European type claw distance 42mm including Fittings, Air Hose Fitting, Universal Hose and Fittings, Quick Connect Hose Fittings.

2.Features: Yellow zinc BSPT threads, 10 bar working pressure, with oil resistant NBR rubber gasket

3. Material: malleable iron

4. Size: 1/4 ” – 1 ” are two lugs; 1-1 / 4 ” – 2 ” are four lugs.

5. Application: Transfer of compressed air, connection of pneumatic tools and pneumatic systems, water systems in industry, construction sites, agriculture and horticulture.

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