This year’s saving tips?

This weekend, Mr and Mrs Independent did something that could be called this year’s savings tips.

Shop magazines at libraries?


Libraries are generally a good way to save money because you can borrow books there instead of having to buy them. But what I didn’t know, as Good Financet found out, is that libraries sometimes sell things they no longer want to keep.

They do this, for example. with magazines such as the world of technology.


This weekend we were at our library when they were going to sell out annual subscriptions from 2016 of various magazines. They had put the sale on a Saturday (the library is usually not open on the weekend) to be able to attract more people to the sale, I suspect.

We were let in just before 11 and everyone who arrived came expectantly around a large table covered in red-white checkered tablecloths. When it was 11 o’clock, the librarians pulled the tablecloths and the chaos erupted. The table was now full of large bundled bundles with 12 issues of different magazines. People stretched and ran around the table to find their favorite magazines and loaded up not just one but two, three and some even four bundles.

I managed to get the entire 2016 edition of private business, Good Financet got an annual edition of a sewing magazine called Burda (Good Finance likes to sew her own clothes).

What does it cost?


Now to what is perhaps most interesting of all in this context. Can you guess what twelve issues of a magazine cost? 500dollar, 50dollar, 150dollar? No one bundle cost 10 USD! The regular price for our newspapers was USD 1776. So it was about 99% discount, absolutely incredible!

For me, it is unbelievably cheap. Sure, some magazines may not be as current today when you buy the 2016 edition. But others are more timeless and then it really doesn’t matter. Good Finance’s sewing magazines are an example of a newspaper where it does not matter that they are one year old.

Obviously super exciting, fun and affordable to be part of this at our library! Maybe you can check out and test at your library?