Air pipes

Tips to prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – It’s cold enough to freeze boiling water in the air, which means the water in your pipes could too.

“Keeping an eye out for those cold spots is really important when you have pipes exposed to the elements,” said Matt Cota, executive director of Vermont’s Fuel Dealer’s Association.

As our region is hit with another particularly cold event, Cota says freezing and eventually bursting pipes keep plumbers, fuel dealers and water attenuators busy fielding hundreds of calls a day.

Monica Chapman of PuroClean, a local water restoration service, says you can try to prevent pipes from freezing by closing your windows, opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and letting your faucets run for a while. at night, as long as you don’t have a septic tank.

“You need to keep your heat to at least 65 degrees, and I would suggest keeping all doors open. Tonight is not the night to try to save money on heating,” Chapman says.

Chapman also suggests keeping your eyes peeled for signs that the temperature has dropped in your home. “If you can see your breath in your house, that’s a big red flag. Often you will see frost on the pipes which is extremely worrying – you should be extremely worried. If you turn on the faucets and it feels a little weird, like the water isn’t coming in or it’s coming in unevenly or it’s moving around, you could have a big problem,” Chapman said.

Cota adds that if you catch a cold pipe early, you can take matters into your own hands first. “The easiest way to fix it is to warm up those pipes. Make sure the heating system is working, making sure the water is flowing,” Cota said.

If you are concerned about your pipes, you can touch and see if they are cold or not in one place. If so, you can use a hair dryer to help thaw this ice cream, but you should never use an open flame.

“Just be careful and smart. Heaters also work, but ideally you’d bring in a plumber,” Chapman said.

And if your pipes freeze, both experts say you should shut off the water line immediately and seek help.

“Be proactive to make sure the pipes don’t freeze, that’s fine, but call a pro because that’s what we’re here for,” Cota said.

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