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vejalpur: 140 copper pipes stolen from Vejalpur hospital | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Around 140 copper pipes installed to supply oxygen at a hospital in Amber Tower in Vejalpur have been stolen by unidentified people.
Filing a complaint in this regard, Sarkhej resident Rehmartshah Saiyed said that he, along with Mustafa Ali and Dr. Nurani, are setting up Zahera Mediplus Hospital on the fourth and fifth floors of the building.
“On March 26, copper pipes worth Rs 70,000 were purchased to supply oxygen to every bed in the hospital. As construction work was in progress, the pipes were left in the open. On April 2, when the workers came for the installation, they realized that the pipes were missing.
Staff members searched everywhere but couldn’t find the pipes,” said Saiyed, who informed his partners about the incident and filed a complaint with Vejalpur police on Friday.
He told police there had been a delay in filing the complaint as he was caught up with other hospital-related work.
Meanwhile, some people walked away with copper pipes worth Rs 1.34 lakh in Gandhinagar. The cops said, “A business construction is underway in Sector 26.
The owners had ordered copper pipes for the installation of the air conditioning system.
However, when the personnel responsible for installing the air conditioning system arrived, members of the company realized that copper pipes worth Rs 1.34 lakh had been stolen. Cops said the thieves also got away with the copper pipes that had already been installed.