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What are Chillum pipes? What you need to know and some tips to buy

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Picture this: you crave a little weed, but you don’t want to whip out a bong, or roll a joint. A tip, moreover, is not the atmosphere. “Just one or two hits is all I want,” you yell at no one with your fists in the air. Suddenly, you hear a little plink behind you: a chillum pipe has fallen from the sky! You dip your chillum in your mill to pack and light it up, with your weed fairy tale fever dream mission to just have two full puffs.

But what exactly is a chillum? Sit back, relax, and let us explain (and give you some recommendations).

What is a chillum?

A chillum is a small, hollow tube with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. Unlike their friends, pipes and bowls, chillums lack carbohydrates (a hole in a pipe or bowl that controls airflow).

History of chillums

The history of the chillum is unclear. Ancient chillums have been spotted in India, Nepal, South America, Jamaica, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa, among others.

The first chillums were made from clay, stone, animal horns, or wood. Now, chillums are usually made of glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. It is also not clear why the chillum came to the United States – some say it was American visitors who bring them back as souvenirs, some say it is the hippie movement – but it is generally believed that they did. in the United States in the 1960s.

While some argue that chillum pipes are not the same as single hitters or bats, we are including single hitters and bats in this roundup because they are similar in function and makeup.

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What are chillums used for?

Cool on the go

If you’re looking for something discreet and portable, look no further than a chillum. They don’t need a lot of prep – all you need is a chillum, lighter, and buds. They fit in your pocket and you can find some that look like cigarettes if you really want to be sneaky, or just look like a cool person who likes a cigarette every now and then.

Private affairs

Chillum pipes are perfect for a solo session, thanks to its bowl size. And, if you’re new to ingesting cannabis, chillums are a great place to start – all you need to do is load, light, and inhale slowly.A

A small dose will suffice

Chillum hoses are great for microdosing – no longer accidentally getting too high because you’ve decided that just one more shot would be good.

What’s not so great about chillums?

Holding his breath

Chillum pipes can be harder on your lungs and throat due to the absence of carbohydrates: the smoke goes straight from the bowl to the mouthpiece. And, depending on the design of the chillum and how hard you inhale, you might be at risk of inhaling unlit ashes, embers, or bits of cannabis. Mesh screens prevent this, and some chillums have built-in mouthpieces to solve this problem.

Not good in a group

You can use your chillum in a group, but it will take a lot of repackaging. Not to say you can’t use a chillum with friends – just a warning. It might be worth using a bong instead if you’re fishing with the crew.

Warning: hot content

The chillums can get very hot despite the cooling capabilities of the hose. Be careful if you are using one for the first time – you can easily burn your lips and mouth if you are not careful.

Best Chillum overall

Ship propeller

Helix is ​​a patent pending piece of pure, non-toxic brass for clean inhalation. The piece features a double helix-shaped interior spiral that doubles the length of the smoke path and filters as residue builds up for a smooth, cool pull every time. The company’s One-Hitter Air Glass – which comes in a three-pack – is also a fab choice in case you can’t fork the dough for a Helix.

Best Chillum Splurge

Dynavap Omni

Think of this as the Aston Martin of one-off hitters. Made in the USA of lightweight and durable titanium, the Dynavap Omni puts the power of a vaporizer in size with just one shot. The company recommends that you use a butane torch style lighter to heat the device, which isn’t much of a limitation as long as you’re comfortable with that type of lighter. It features a dial indicator for quick and easy airflow adjustment, a notched dosing chamber that functions as a built-in grinder, and an Adjust-a-Bowl feature that allows the user to change the size of the dosing chamber. RIP Inspector Gadget, you would have loved this thing (it’s not dead, the series is no longer in progress).

Best Budget Chillum

Goods One Hitter session

This pocket-sized borosilicate glass one hitter is perfect for small puffs, solo sessions or a quick hit. In order to prevent your fingers from burning, the one hitter comes with a silicone tab to protect your precious knuckles. You can wrap it with the ground flower of your choice or use it with a Session bong. Or, if you don’t want to pass or touch a soggy joint with your fingers, use this unique batter to hold your pre-roll.

Best classic chillum

Ceramic Bat

This bat, which looks like a cigarette, combines timelessness and deviousness: when you think “one-hitter”, you think of something that looks like this. It is also available in aluminum.

Jane west solo

This chillum offers the perfect serving of two puffs. It’s coated with kitchen grade enamel to prevent wear and tear and comes with a custom built multi-tool for easy cleaning on the go.

Best portable chillum

Tokyo Smoke Pipe Necklace

This stainless steel batter is perfect for those who like to say to their friends, “actually this is a [vibrator, flask, ring with a chamber for poison, etc.]. “To use it, unscrew the cover and place the herb of your choice in the hollow chamber.

Best Versatile Chillum

Charlotte Pipe Laundry Day

This piece is not a single ride pony. In many colors to suit your mood, this glass piece can be used as a single shot or packaged as a full bowl. The company also sells mesh screens for its pipes.

Best Chillum with Integrated Pipe

Pulsar Honeycomb Chillum

This borosilicate glass chillum features a built-in honeycomb style disc that helps prevent accidental inhalation of ash.

Best Unbreakable Chillum

Shorty Eyece

Featuring a snap-on borosilicate glass bowl design, this unique batter features a hardened silicone body and a lifetime warranty, which means you won’t get your heart broken if it drops from the table. It also includes a keychain loop and the bowl can be removed for cleaning or swapped with Eyce’s titanium or quartz nozzles to turn it into a compact honey straw.

Best neat little guy

Grav Labs Helix Chillum

This chillum gets the honor of “best neat little guy” because, well, just look at him: he’s a neat little guy. But, its specs also make it worthy of a neat little guy – it’s only 3 inches long and features three air intake holes that cool and spin the smoke. A colored marble prevents the chillum from rolling between uses. Well no ?

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