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Why do some cars have 2 exhausts?

Have you ever driven behind another vehicle and noticed two exhaust pipes? Also, have you ever wondered why one car has two while others have one? Some vehicles are equipped with more than one exhaust pipe, but do they serve a purpose? Here’s everything you need to know about why some cars have dual tailpipes or a dual exhaust system.

2 exhaust pipes against 1 exhaust pipe

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

According Meineke, the main reason for having two exhaust pipes is to remove excess air from the cylinders more quickly. This way, the next rally can start faster. The expelled exhaust is limited to the size of the vehicle’s camshaft and timing. Therefore, making the most of two pipes could be advantageous instead of one faster. The more it comes out, the more it can be sucked into the engine, resulting in additional power.

Next, a non-turbocharged or four-cylinder engine will generally not have a dual exhaust system. That’s because it’s not likely to make a huge difference. However, some vehicles may still have a second pipe just for looks, as it is visually more “sporty” than a single exhaust. However, a turbocharged four-cylinder could benefit from a second pipe because the turbo quickly forces a lot of air and fuel into the engine. The same goes for a V6 or bigger engine, which will need to push out the worn air quickly to suck in more quickly enough to deliver plenty of power.

Are 2 exhausts for looks?

2023 Hyundai Palisade
Hyundai Palisade 2023 rear | hyundai

It makes no difference if your vehicle has a single exhaust with two tips exiting the rear. In this case, it’s just for looks. Many drivers and even car manufacturers believe that the car looks sportier or faster with the visual improvement at the rear. Alternatively, a true dual exhaust system benefits significantly from increased stale airflow. Meineke describes it as allowing a more powerful vehicle to breathe better, which results in better power and overall performance.

For some vehicles without factory dual exhaust systems, it might be worth increasing the horsepower. However, consider that the intake manifolds, piping, converters and mufflers might also need upgrading. It’s not as simple as swapping one or two parts, although that’s rarely the case.

Some cars 2 tailpipes improve efficiency

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Although usually not the primary reason, some vehicles see improved fuel efficiency with a second tailpipe. Savings on fuel costs are always a welcome addition to a car, especially in 2022 with record prices.

“With a larger, more efficient exhaust system, you can increase the amount of air and fuel drawn into the engine, however, that can negate the savings you get from dual exhaust,” Meineke says.

In conclusion, the dual exhaust pipes you see on other vehicles are usually more than just aesthetic. However, some people like the sportiness it adds to the rear of a vehicle. Most of the time, dual exhausts will be on vehicles with more horsepower. Indeed, these models must evacuate more air so that the engine can suck in more very quickly. As a result, the vehicle can perform at its best and produce plenty of power. This is especially true for turbocharged, V6 or larger engines.

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